Now that I’m almost finished with the office half of my office/laundry room, it was time to tackle the laundry space. I have been admiring a lot of laundry room organization ideas that used cute bins to store all of the detergents and cleaners in the laundry room.
Every time I thought about doing this, it just seemed silly. I store ALL of my cleaners in the laundry room, so I have a lot of bottles of stuff for everything from the bathroom to the carpet to the windows to the laundry. Putting the cleaners in a bin seemed like it would create an extra step in finding what I need at the right moment.
But then I saw these bins at Target that were just the right size, shape and color, and also were sturdy enough to allow me to pull down a bin without everything inside tipping over.

I seriously can’t believe how much I LOVE having my cleaners organized in these colorful bins. It makes that space seem soooo much more organized.
I found this little bowl and basket at Target that match the other accessories in my office. The bowl is for my “laundry tips” — all of the change and other items people leave in their pockets!

I recently started pouring the huge container of laundry detergent into a smaller bottle (which once was a soft soap refill). This has improved my attitude toward laundry significantly because it’s so much easier to pick up and pour. And it doesn’t drip all over the place like the mega laundry detergent container.
Now that my laundry room and office are so clean and organized, I have done a MUCH better job of keeping up on the laundry! I actually look forward to going into that room, which means I’m getting a lot more laundry done!
OK… ready for the before and after?

OK… so tell me… Is anyone else out there in bloggy land getting obsessed with getting organized? I need to know. I really do.

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