About Me

I am a former journalist and currently work as a communications director for a church. I love combining words, images and even video to communicate in a variety of ways, including print, social media and blogging.
I’m a mom to four children and a wife to a wonderful husband. I have a passion for productivity and organization, and I often use those skills to create systems to make things run smoothly in our home.
When I’m not working or spending time with my family, I have an insatiable desire to be creative. I love doodling, rock painting, photography, video editing, organizing and creating DIY projects for my home.
I’m obsessed with the moon, and often plan my social schedule using the moon app on my phone so I don’t miss an opportunity to photograph the full moon as it rises or sets. My love of photography isn’t just focused on the moon though. I love capturing the beauty of the everyday by shooting all kinds of nature scenes.
I have a massive Sharpie marker collection, and I love to make lists or take notes in bright colors. I also love studying personality types, solving puzzles, listening to audio books and podcasts, and playing strategy games, especially Settlers of Catan.
I’ve recently added health and nutrition to my list of passions. In 2016, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, which led to a radical change in the way I eat.
As a stay-at-home mom, I often do the same things over and over: I empty the dishwasher. I sort the laundry. I cook the mac n cheese. Everyday. And in all of those moments that seem so mundane, I have lots and lots of Moments of Meaning. Often with my kids or my husband, or a friend. That’s what makes me not just an ordinary mom, but an everydayMOM (Moments of Meaning) mom. I add a little of my job skills to my life as a mom by trying to create order in our often chaotic lives. I know that my work DOES matter because I’m doing the job God gave me to do.