OK. So I have a cute and super simple DIY project that I’m going to show you, but you have to promise not to laugh… cause it involves looking inside my fridge.
When friends and family come for dinner, I often secretly hope they WON’T open my fridge. With six people in our family and lots of food going in and out, it seems to be a messy place. But when I take the time to pull out all of the shelves and wash them, the rest of my house could be a disaster, and I feel great about myself! I LOVE pulling open the door and finding a bright, clean and organized space!
When I became obsessed with organization a few years ago, I found out about fridge coasters and put them on my birthday list. (That’s the mental list of things I want, but would never buy myself. However, I also never actually give anyone The List!)
I always thought it would be so fun to open up my fridge and not only see it clean and organized, but also cute with stripes and patterns on the shelves. Alas, I couldn’t ever convince myself to spend $25 on a set of fridge liners.
Recently, I saw an idea to create your own fridge mats our of place mats you can buy at Target. I was so excited to get this project started that I made a special trip to Target on the rainiest day in the history of spring to get some place mats. The place mats are only $2 each and come in several patterns.
You simply have to trim the sides to make them fit your fridge. (I just cut mine with scissors to fit.) When you are done, your refrigerator becomes a happy place with colorful shelves. And the best part is that it makes it easier to keep clean. Instead of pulling out the shelves to wash down the inside of the fridge, you just have to take out the mats and wipe them clean.
So there you have it. Fridge mats! Oh, and next time you’re over, make sure you look in my fridge!

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