Each morning for the past five days, my husband and I have sat out on the deck of our new home, and repeated nearly the same words. “We did it!”
It’s really hard to believe. We have talked for years about moving. But the idea of getting our house ready to sell. Listing it. Showing it. Keeping it clean. Finding a new home. Packing up our stuff. Moving our stuff. Unpacking our stuff. It all seemed way too difficult.
And it has been incredibly challenging. But six months after we started this long process, as we sit on our deck and listen to the birds chirping in the prairie behind our house, we are so happy. We did it!
Friends have been asking me to post photos of the house or tell them about the house. We feel incredibly blessed that we were able to purchase this house. But for us, it’s more of the experience. We only moved 12 miles, but our new community definitely has more of a small town feel to it. Our house backs up to a nature area, and the first night we were here, all I could say is: It’s. just. so. quiet.
That all changed around 4 a.m. when the birds started chirping and the big crane began bellowing. Those sounds are now becoming our backdrop. One of my favorite sounds is when the breeze blows the wind chimes the previous owner left on the front porch.
We met several neighbors even before the house was officially ours. We were outside looking around when two neighbors stopped by to introduce themselves. We are loving how friendly and safe it feels here. We are super thankful that we also have a few friends from church and school that live close by.
We have been amazed by the kindness of friends who have brought us meals or donuts, helped us clean and carry furniture, spent the day helping with projects outside. We have felt so loved and blessed.
We are all just so happy to be here. We are working our way through boxes and love sitting on furniture again. My husband and I can’t get enough of the view out the big windows in the living room or watching the sunset on the patio. Our hearts are full of gratitude and disbelief.
We. did. it.

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