It’s official. As of a few hours ago, the sale on our house was finalized. It all seems a bit surreal.
We can’t go home again.
We can’t go back to the place we have called home for 13 years. That address that has been a constant in our lives is no longer ours.
We moved over to a friend’s house on Tuesday, and I spent the entire day Wednesday cleaning our old home. I guess I could have hired someone to do it. Or I could have handed her over with all of our dust and grime. But I felt like that was the last thing I could do for our house after she has taken such good care of us all of these years. Always kept us safe and warm. I wanted to hand her over bright and shiny and looking her best.
Once I had scrubbed down every crack and crevice yesterday, I brought the family back to say one last good-bye. They kind of laughed that I thought it was so important. But then they walked from room to room remembering. Seeing their rooms completely empty was so strange. I was not the only one crying.
They climbed the trees one last time. And then I was the one who finally had to pull them all away.
The new owners are getting a place that’s been full of laughter and new life and running feet and excitement. We hope they will enjoy our home as much as we did!

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