I keep telling myself that I should blog more about the random everyday things that happen in my life. That’s really the way this blog started. And then somewhere along the way, I started to feel the need to write blog posts that had a point.
Remember the good ol’ days when I would blog on and on about shoes or birds whacking me in the head or the opossum in the garage? So today I’m getting back to my roots and writing about random. Here goes!
Both the fourth grader and the fifth grader came home from school this week with the exciting news they made it to the Math Olympics. Isn’t that awesome?!? I have no idea what it means, but I think it sounds like something great!
I asked both of them if they knew when or where or how the Math Olympics would take place. Nope.
Fabulous! We’re in!
These two also have in-house speech meet tomorrow at school. If they make it through this first round, they will get to compete in a bigger speech meet against other schools in the area.
We didn’t know a thing about speech meet last year either, since it was their first year at school-school. Much to our amazement, not only did our third grader make it to speech meet, but she won a first-place ribbon for her category! That’s putting a little extra pressure on for this year.
We have been listening to them practice their speeches night after night. Our daughter loves stuff like this, so I don’t think she will panic under the pressure. I’m a little more stressed for our son, who is extremely shy and quiet. He likes to make fake farting noises when practicing his speech at home to break up the tension and add some pre-teen humor. So quite honestly, I will be relieved when all of the practicing is over tomorrow!
That will give us more time to get ready for the upcoming talent show. Both the fourth grader and the seventh grader have decided to put together an act for the talent show. Oh my goodness. I would love to tell you that these kids are just going to go on stage with their natural God-given abilities and perform without giving it a second thought. But I am envisioning a few weeks here of stressed-out mama begging them to hone these mystery talents before going on stage for the entire school to see!
We will have to squeeze that in around next Friday’s high-pressure craft project: The. Valentine’s. Day. Box.
OK. So, last year, the two middles were oblivious to the expectations surrounding the Valentine’s Day box. They both came up with cute ideas to decorate their shoe boxes, which are used to collect Valentines. I ignored the advice of my good friend who told me there was no way her daughter would be making her Valentine’s Day box on her own. Apparently, all of the other moms know better than to send their child to school with a lame-O Valentine’s Day box.
I barely lifted a finger to help my kids with last-year’s boxes. My daughter had the fabulous idea to take a photo of her with her mouth wide open. We cut a slit in her mouth and made that the hole in the box to insert the candy. I thought it was brilliant. My son covered a box in wrapping paper and added some paper airplanes on top to look like a landing strip.
When they got to school, they found that their friends’ uber-crafty Valentine’s boxes were in the form of fish tanks with moving fish, fully-operational gumball machines and other amazing creations. My son came home crying and actually declared it the worst. day. ever. in the history of school.
Now, I have no business pointing fingers at other moms for helping out with the Valentine’s Day boxes. Have you SEEN some of the over-the-top birthday parties and duct tape outfits I’ve posted lately? I’m just trying to figure out when I’ll have time to spend hours on Pinterest coming up with some ideas and shopping for all of the craft supplies we will need to make a Valentine’s box that will pass the fabulous test. I’m thinking my Silhouette had better come to the rescue!
And here is my final random piece of news for this Thursday. My husband and I are starting a new small group at our church, and we decided to name the group “Fusion.”
So… stick with me here… A few weeks ago, my husband was making a quick trip to the pharmacy to get a gallon of milk. The pharmacy is about five blocks from our house. He was sitting at a stop sign, when a school bus came around the corner and basically ran over the front of his car.
On Monday, he took his car to get it repaired, and he was given a rental car. Guess what kind? A Fusion!
Coincidence? I think not. And it has heated leather seats. That has to have some special meaning, don’t you think?
There you go. If that isn’t random, I’m not sure what is.
If you read this entire post, leave me a comment about anything random in your life! And I would especially appreciate any random comments that include amazing ideas for decorating a Valentine’s Day box! 🙂

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