Man, it seems like forever since I’ve taken my camera out on an adventure just for fun! My life has felt like a whirlwind the past few months. But I’ve been forcing myself to slow down and enjoy the moment. Today was a perfect day to forget about all of the To Do’s and soak in the beauty of fall. What better place to do that than at an apple orchard?

It actually felt a little awkward to take out my camera. But how could I resist when I saw this fall beauty — a Cinderella pumpkin!

When did our oldest son get soooo tall? Don’t worry, little brother. You will catch up one day!

The kids took their apple picking seriously. We only wanted to fill our bag with the best, most perfect apples!

I’m feeling blessed to get to spend such a beautiful day hanging out with these kids and some friends! When we got back home, I was tempted to start racing around the house, cleaning up the dishes still sitting from a hurried breakfast. Instead, I sat down and imported photos. The dishes can wait.

How about you? Did you have a happy Columbus Day?

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