Well, “HELLO!!!” to my long, lost blog! Did you miss me? It probably seems that I’ve completely given up on blogging, but actually the opposite is true. I’ve had so many ideas for things I want to blog about, but I keep talking myself out of writing them down.
So, what have I been doing for two months since my last blog post? A lot. Too many things to write about. However, I finally decided to just start somewhere, and I guess I will start with something that happened about six weeks ago.
I can remember the moment so clearly. I was walking through the family room. I was stepping over toys and growling at random socks thrown on the floor. I was frustrated by the messiness of my life. I was tired of trying to clean things up. I was feeling very hopeless about things, and I had this thought: “I wish I could be one of those really organized people.”
I stopped in my tracks, which could have been dangerous because I might have landed on a pile of Lego or tripped over a ball.
“Wait!” I thought. “I CAN be one of those people!”
“I can change who I am,” I told myself. “I don’t always have to be the way I’ve always been. I can be organized.”
And I decided to start right that second. I bent over and picked up the toys and socks and a candy wrapper.
Starting at that moment, I started not only cleaning up, but I went much deeper than that. I started organizing.
And I have barely stopped since. I had a LOT to do! And I still have a lot to do. And once I get that done, I will still have even more to do. It’s bad.
I’ve been scared to write about it. To write about all the progress I’ve made would require me to admit just what a mess I am. But as things have started to improve, I’ve seen a lot change. I’ve been changing my way of thinking. I’ve been changing some really bad habits. And I’ve discovered a ton of amazing products that I never even knew existed before!
So, I’m going to start blogging about it. This might take a while, so please keep checking back! Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the many, many things I have organized the past few weeks and hope to tell you about:
I’ve been making my drawers cute:

I’ve been organizing our food:

I’ve been working on the closet… including all of my accessories!:

And even doing some DIY projects:

If you want to help motivate me to keep writing, will you answer a couple of questions for me? Do you consider yourself to be organized? Or do super organized people drive you crazy? Do you have a place for everything and everything in its place?

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