If you are my friend on Facebook, then you know already that I have been spending a lot of time working on my photography skills lately. I am that annoying person who posts about 5 million photos a day on Facebook!
I have been working a lot on using the manual setting on my camera. GASP! I know it’s hard to believe, but I have actually been taking it off of the pre-sets! I’ve also been learning a ton about lighting. Until a few months ago, I always thought you should try to take photos in the middle of the day in a sunny location. Now, I’m finally figuring out that my best photos happen when it’s overcast, in the shade and especially in the two hours before sunset.
My latest photography “trick” that I’ve been practicing is to take those “non-posed” (but they really are somewhat posed) photos where people look like they are naturally having fun! As with anything else in photography, there’s more to it than meets the eye!
Here are a few photos that I took this week that really made me smile!

I love my daughter’s reaction at the end of the “telephone” game!

Yes… the almost 12-year-old even played Ring Around the Rosie with his little sister. I have to admit that she is very hard to resist!

Then there were the sibling moments… Believe me… there are a LOT of sibling moments you would NOT want to see in photos. But when I capture some good ones, they are fun to remember.

Ahhh… and my favorites… the individual shots…

So, look at that! I didn’t post ANY photos on Facebook today! Instead, I just posted them on my blog. haha!
What have YOU been up to lately? Let me know you stopped by in the comment section!

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