I had to run some errands this afternoon, and I decided to make a quick stop at my favorite clothing store.

I had one child at home sick, two watching a movie with him, and the baby was napping. My husband was working from home, which allowed me to leave for an hour. However, it had to be a quick trip because this kind of peaceful atmosphere might not last for long.

Before I left, I made sure I had The Coupon.

Yes. I had scored. It was for 30 percent off my entire purchase. That means I didn’t have to worry about spending X amount so I could get X percent off. Doing all of that math in the dressing room makes me sweat.

Usually when I go shopping for clothes, I need a particular item and have to struggle to find just what I’m looking for. This time, I walked in and found about 10 things I didn’t need, but absolutely loved! And with The Coupon in my purse, I was about to score some great deals.

At the top of my pile sat a couple of super cute sweaters. They weren’t the total spring sweaters. But they weren’t the heavy, woolen, 10-pounders I’ve been wearing lately to survive the 5 degree tundra around here. A really cute sweater would go a long way toward making me feel like I can make it through the rest of the winter. A really cute sweater might even make all of the runny noses and fevers in this house bearable.

I got ready to check out and gave The Coupon one more close look to make sure it was the one I needed. It was good until Feb. 4.

But it didn’t start until… Jan. 27.


I found a salesperson and made sure she saw my pile of potential purchases.

“It looks like I grabbed the wrong coupon when I left the house,” I said, hoping she would offer me the coupon I know she had stashed in her drawer for wonderful customers such as myself. “Could you hold these items while I drive all the way home and get The Coupon.”


Another salesperson asked about my pile to which I added another pair of jeans, just for good measure. I told her my sad situation with The Coupon.

“No problem,” she said. “We will hold your items for you.”



“A lot.”

Now, what to do? There was no way I would have time to get back across town on Thursday when the coupon took effect. By then, my cute sweaters in my perfect size might be gone, anyway. But I wasn’t possibly going to pay full price when I knew I had to have a coupon SOMEWHERE at home. Heck! One probably showed up in the mail today!

I know what the salespeople were probably thinking. I was kind of dressed up. I looked like I might even have one of those jobs people go to during the day. I probably looked like I had all the time in the world to go clothing shopping in the middle of the day.

Would it have helped if I explained that I NEVER get to leave the house in the middle of the day? That I homeschool? That I usually wear a sweatsuit all day and carry a baby on my hip? That it was so rare for me to so easily find these articles of clothing in my size that I love? That I’m in a state of depression from the BITTER COLD AND THE ONLY THING THAT WILL SAVE ME IS THAT CUTE SWEATER?!? THAT I LIVE 20 MINUTES AWAY AND MY HUSBAND IS GOING TO DIE IF I TELL HIM I HAVE TO DRIVE BACK TO THE MALL TO USE THE COUPON?!?!?

So, I drove home. I found The Coupon.

It expired yesterday.

I had one dumb coupon that doesn’t start for two days and another that expired yesterday. HOW could I possibly have let this happen? Maybe I should start programming The Coupons into my iCal?!

With some quick thinking, I went online and signed up to receive discounts by mail. I begged my e-mail to ding with the signal my 40 percent off coupon had arrived. But the best I got was an introductory coupon to save $25 off a $75 purchase. (My pile was a bit taller than that, I’m sorry to admit.)

Good enough. Movie still playing. Baby still sleeping. Sick child not puking.

Back I went.

The salesperson looked shocked that I actually returned. I showed her the meager coupon and explained that USUALLY the store sends ME the BEST coupons, not this lousy one for $25.

“OK, I’ve got a 40 percent off you can have,” she said.

“NOW you tell me.”

But, I must say. That sweater is cute. And think I can survive February now.


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