I’ve been debating whether I should actually reveal this bit of psychosis here on the blog. But, I figure that those of you who actually like me enough to read my blog are already well aware of just how NOT normal I am.

So, you might remember that on Dec. 31, I asked you what you thought of my idea to post a daily “moment” on my blog. Then, after much sweat, a few panic attacks and a pinched nerve, I decided it was a horrible idea, and I couldn’t subject myself to the pressure. Instead, I resolved to take one photo a day and leave it at that.

Well, in the meantime, I have been posting my daily photos on another blog. Goodness knows, the one thing I need in this world is ANOTHER blog! However, I’m on Day 3, and I’m actually finding it kind of enjoyable.

So…. if you want to see what we are doing over here everyday, you can check it out.

It’s been kind of nice not having to worry about whether anyone is reading or if I’ll get any comments. I don’t have a sitemeter or a stat counter or even a fancy design. And I don’t have to wonder whether anyone will find it interesting. It’s just meant to be a reminder to myself of what a day looks like here. I hope to use the words for captions in our 2011 photo book.

So, please don’t feel any pressure to leave comments. And there’s no pressure to subscribe or follow or even look at it!

My hope is to post one photo a day. However, I can’t seem to narrow it down, so you will find several entries per day. And, there’s always the good chance this project will only last a week.

OR that I will change my mind tomorrow.


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