I spent a good chunk of the last few days creating Jayda’s baby book. OK. I have an entire room of my house packed full of scrapbooking supplies. But I can’t imagine ever scrapbooking again with how easy it is to create a photo book online.

I started out using iPhoto to make my book. After I had imported all of my photos and arranged them on the pages, I went to copy and paste all of the text I wanted from my blog. That’s when I realized iPhoto does not have nearly enough options for including text.

So, I eventually made the decision to start over. I uploaded all of my photos to Shutterfly and I was glad I did. Although I love being able to drag and drop my photos into albums on iPhoto, Shutterfly offers a lot more options to customize the book with background colors, page layout and text. They also offer padded covers or leather covers.

Now, I know there are only a few people in the world who really desire to look at one’s baby book. But just in case anyone is interested, here’s the final product.



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