We’ve been doing lots of cleaning and organizing around our house the past few weeks, and I finally decided it was time to clean up the blog, as well.
If you are reading on your phone, via e-mail, facebook or your reader, click on over today and say, “Hello” to my new look for winter. I took some photos of the family today and got inspired to dress the blog in the same calm colors.
Remember how the blog looked this morning?

I cleared out some things on the sidebars, too. And I finally added my blog roll back on the right. It was getting so long and unruly last year that I just deleted it completely. For now, I have only listed my friends in real life who have blogs I read. I also only listed people who post on a regular basis. If I forgot you, PLEASE let me know!
Would you do me a favor and let me know if anything is not working for you with the new design? Thanks for stopping! Merry Christmas!


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