Or maybe I should say, “Just duct-y.”
I’m not sure what’s proper anymore. All I can tell you is this post is going to be covered in duck tape… er, duct tape.
Last summer, I was sitting around being pregnant when I read this awesome blog post by my make-believe, bloggy friend, Jenny. “What?!” I said to my pregnant self. “I have got to try that!”
But being rather tired for the next three months, I didn’t try it. Instead, I told my homeschool friends about the awesomeness that can be achieved with colored duct tape.
Fast forward to Friday when my 10-year-old showed me a project from one of his final duct tape classes at co-op. Another mom had heard about the wonders of duct-taping things — other than things that needed to be repaired — and my son had become a bit addicted to the stuff.
He has been duct-taping everything he can get his hands on the past few months. He’s made a notebook holder, a wallet, a bag, a cup holder, flip-flops, a belt and more swords and daggers than you can imagine.
When I saw the super cute bags the girls in the class had made, I couldn’t stop thinking about it either. Yes, it’s true. Bags might be the one fashion item that I love almost as much as boots… and necklaces.
To say I couldn’t sleep the next night because I was so busy thinking about how I was going to turn a bag I have into a duck-tape bag would sound ridiculous. So, I won’t include that part.
However, my son and I made a date to go duck tape shopping right after church. We spent two hours in the freezing cold running in and out of stores before we could find all of the colors we wanted. Of course, I was searching for those colors. It was two awesome hours of shopping, eating candy bars, drinking Sierra Mist and laughing as my 10-year-old talked non-stop about his life.
We went to Target, Meijer, two different Michaels and a Jo-Ann’s to come up with this:

My project?
I started with this bag:

And turned it into this:

The electric Sanctuary bag. You want one, don’t you?
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