I really need some new everyday dishes. The ones we have are at least a million years old. But we have kept using them because it really doesn’t matter when someone drops one on the floor and it shatters. And with four kids, you can be sure they will be dropped.
All of the bowls are now broken and we are down to the exact number of plates we need for the entire family to eat a meal. I’ve been browsing the Cyber Monday sales and I keep finding myself attracted to this:

Yes, the colors are bold. But… something seems familiar about those dishes.

Right before I started my new job, our church changed its logo. To this:

I can’t even tell you how many things I have created in those colors. Handouts, postcards, banners, mugs, bags, hats, notepads, Power Point slides… I’ve started dreaming in those colors.

I knew it was bad this fall when I painted the inside of my house. The walls are now a nice twig basket (light brown), camel (yellow) and a greenish-blue. I woke up after all of the walls were done and realized I had just painted my house in the colors of the logo.
Now dishes? Oh, my.
But what do you think about the square version?
And look what I could get to go with them:

I’m pretty sure I’m losing my mind. But it’s good to know that those colors are in style.
What do you think? Really! I need some honest opinions here!

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