I have been feeling like a new person the past few days.

Babycake has been giving me some four- to five-hour stretches of sleep at night. And the doctor took care of THE string, which has allowed the incision from my C-section to finally start healing.

I actually took all four children on our first outing together (without my husband to help), and we had a great day together at the mall. The kids all took turns pushing the stroller, we ate lunch at a real-live restaurant and played at the play place.

I wanted to get some professional photos taken of the four children together to mark the baby’s 6-week birthday. This one was my favorite of all four of them together:

The full body shots also turned out really cute:

I don’t normally like photos of the children looking serious. But I fell in love with these close-ups:

And, of course, Little Miss Serious herself:

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