Hey there to all my friends who read everydayMOM in a reader or via e-mail. Click on over to see some changes on my blog.

I updated the colors to match the new colors of my 2010 everydayMOM planner.

How do you like the everydayMOM and the everydayKids as a cartoon? I think we’re pretty funny.

And introducing… CapableDad… Due to popular demand, I’m trying to include more photos of the handsome, athletic, smart, loving, kind and very CAPABLE leader of our family.

Yes, someday, I will get my blog professionally designed. Until then, you will just have to endure my frequent tweaks to the layout.

Let me know what you think because if you don’t comment I just might assume you hate it and think I’m a big dork and then I will stay up all night trying to change it again and then you will wonder why I didn’t keep the cartoon family and finally you’ll say something to me and I’ll admit that is why I changed it and THEN you will tell me that you loved it but you just didn’t leave a comment. And we wouldn’t want THAT to happen, would we?!?

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