A few days before this significant date of 9/09/09 hit us, I suddenly realized that my oldest son will be celebrating a special birthdate of his own this year! He is going to be 9 on the 9th of November, 2009!

All three of my children have birthdays in the fall and I have been overwhelmed trying to decide what to do for them. I finally came up with a plan that instead of having a big party, each child would get to choose three or four children and invite them to do something special on their special day.

My daughter is taking a few girls to lunch and Build A Bear, and my second son is taking a few friends to play miniature golf and have pizza.

I was so relieved at this plan until I realized that my oldest son will be having his Golden Birthday in November. Actually, I believe it’s even one step up from golden since the year also matches his age. My friend, Sarah, said that makes it his Diamond Birthday, but I haven’t been able to find anything on the Internet on the topic. (Anyone else have any opinion on what this is called?)

Anyway, now I am feeling we should do something extra special for his big day. Having a party at our home is NOT an option! Even if we had a small party, it would stress me out at 37 weeks pregnant to have a party at home.

He does love Egypt, so maybe something with a “golden treasure” theme. But where?

Ideas, anyone?

I really need your creative minds on this one! My brain is almost mush!

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