“How many more days, Mom?”

That seems to be the question everyday. How many more days?

Well… it’s been 23 weeks, and we have 119 days to go.

I hate counting down the days of my life like this, but I just can’t seem to stop. For each day I add to the expired days pile, I seem to lose a little more energy and a few more brain cells. For each day on the days to go side, something new begins to hurt and I feel a little extra weight on my body.

Thankfully, we got a new date to count toward: Dec. 3. That will most likely be the day I will schedule my C-Section. It’s the earliest my doctor will possibly deliver the baby since that puts me at 39 weeks. I like that date because it has some numeric elements that will make it easy for me to remember: 12-03-09. 12-3=9. See?

We have so many other important dates to look forward to before then though:
The first day of school
Two children’s birthdays in September
One more in November
My parent’s 50th wedding anniversary
Our wedding anniversary

And today!!

What are some of the dates that you are counting down to in your life?

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