I’m sure you’ve heard of the kid’s movie, Bolt.

It’s about a dog who plays a superdog on TV. But the real-life Bolt thinks he really has super powers.

When he runs away from the TV set, his powers don’t work anymore because they were special effects. Slowly, he comes to accept the cold, hard truth. He is just an ordinary dog. In the end, he becomes a hero in his own right and his regular powers seem super.

My kids have watched Bolt at least four times.

All three of them believe the movie is about a dog who REALLY DOES have super powers. When he leaves the set, he loses his powers and becomes an ordinary dog. But in the end, he regains his powers.

No amount of explanation will convince them otherwise. Bolt really is a super hero, in their minds. “See Mom,” they explain at the end. “He regained his super powers.”

This reminds me a little of my blog reading lately.

I like to read some of the really “famous” super bloggers. You know. The ones who get like 25,000 comments on a post about cows. These are just ordinary women who seem like celebrities because they can write in a way that’s funny and entertaining.

But lately, I’ve been taking a break from the Super Bloggers to read the blog of an actual TV star, Jorge Garcia, who plays Hurley on LOST. Garcia really is a celebrity, but he writes a blog about his real life. He doesn’t write in a way that’s funny or entertaining, he just IS (funny and entertaining).

Watching Bolt with my kids made me realize that I act like the famous bloggers really are famous just because they write a blog. They are actually just normal people who seem famous.

But when a celebrity writes a blog, it makes me realize that (gasp!), he’s a normal person. Jorge Garcia is not actually stranded on an island in the year 1977. He is not a mental patient. He doesn’t wear a DHARMA jumpsuit.

I feel like I have to be very secretive when I read his blog so he doesn’t find out it’s me. Then he will know that I know that he’s not really one of the Oceanic 6. He’s just a guy with a girlfriend and a garden. A guy who travels and eats pancakes.

It’s one thing to watch someone on TV who is creating a work of fiction. But it’s hard for me to accept when I read his blog that he’s just a normal guy who plays a funny person on TV.

Sort of like Bolt. I’m not really sure how it’s the same, but it seemed sort of similar when I started.

P.S. I’m just going to tell you Jorge Garcia’s blog address because I don’t want you to create a link from mine. Then he would know that I am reading his blog and that I know he just plays a funny person on TV and that would be soooo uncomfortable. It’s: dispatchesfromtheisland (dot) blogspot (dot) com.

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