Yeah, yeah… I know. For all of you who don’t watch Lost, those Thursday posts get really boring.

All that time travel, yada yada, Smoke monster, blah, blah, blah, Jack, Hurley and Kate nonsense is definitely more than one can handle IF by some chance you actually bother to read it.

But I realized today after reading the blog of a non-Lost viewer, that I feel a little bit sad for those of you who don’t watch. You see, Lost isn’t just a TV show. It’s more of a hobby… no, no… It’s kind of a part-time job… no… let’s see. It’s actually a lifestyle.

It probably seems like just another 60 minutes of mindless entertainment to fill a void on Wednesday nights. Turn it on. Turn it off. Go on with your life.


You see, watching Lost requires dedication, research, commitment and hours of hard-core thinking! The show itself is only a small part of being a Lostaholic. Once an episode is over, that’s when the real fun begins.

True addicts lose sleep on Wednesday nights searching the message boards and blogs for clues, hints and theories. I’ve heard of people missing work on Thursdays to make more time for their research.

Viewers have to learn about time travel, world religions, ancient history and even quantum physics. They have to decipher the meanings of strings of numbers and review past episodes for tiny references that were missed the first time.

For those who are over the top, they can join Lost book clubs and read other works that might give clues to the storyline.

When a friend recommended I watch Lost about a year and a half ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. She loaned me the complete Season 1 on DVD and I watched it in a matter of weeks. I missed an entire week of my life in a mind-numbing blur my husband and I now lovingly refer to as “Season 2”.

At that point, there was no turning back. I was starting to realize that this was quite possibly the best TV series in the history of mankind, and Season 3 was definitely offering proof.

Now, being a Lost junkie has added a whole new dimension to my life.

My husband and I have a standing date every Wednesday night in front of the TV. We both look forward to this time to kick back and hang out. When I meet a new mom in the park, I can casually ask her if she watches Lost. If she says yes, we suddenly have made a connection that gives us HOURS of conversation. It’s like we’ve known each other our whole lives.

Oh yes. We’ve had to give up a few things. But really?!? Do the kids actually NEED me to pack their lunches on Thursday mornings when I am busy reading message boards? Is it SO BAD if I forget to cook dinner one day a week? I realize I have forgotten it was my turn to drive the carpool ONCE in a WHILE because I was so preoccupied with leaving comments on other blogs about Lost.

People, I never said this was an easy life. But when you are committed, you CHOOSE to ignore the tension headaches and carpal tunnel.

Besides, with only a few episodes left in Season 5, we are near the finish line now. We only have one more season after this one and then it’s back to the life we once knew.

Nothing to look forward to on Wednesday nights. Boring Thursdays. No more countless hours spent trying to understand the Time Loop Theory. No more searching the blogs for clues.

Sure there are other shows. I’ve heard people talk about them. The Office. The Bachelor. The Biggest Loser. But do any of THOSE have a BOOK CLUB?!?!

So, I must ask you, my dear Bloggy Friends who don’t watch Lost. Will you consider getting on board before the end? You still have a chance to join the fun! I hate leaving you out every Thursday morning. Will you just rent Season 1 and give it a try? Please?

If you won’t do it for me, consider doing it for the Smoke Monster.

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