Since I haven’t written a post about my 40th birthday in, oh, four days or less, I thought I better give you all an update.

I think I might have scared a few of my almost-40-year-old friends into dreading their birthdays way more than is necessary. Since I started my 40 Days of 40 and also began planning some fun times for my actual birthday celebration, I’ve started really looking forward to my big day.

It’s like I’m 7 again, and I’m helping my mom decide if we should play Pin the Tail on the Donkey or Musical Chairs. (Those were actually considered good parties back before we had Pump It Up, gymnastics parties and Libby Lu.)

And the 40 Days of 40 are going great because when I want something all I have to do is snap my fingers and say, “It IS my birthday, you know!” and then my family members do whatever I ask. (Well… Sometimes…. Actually, they are very nice to me on a regular basis.)

Up until a few weeks ago, I was thinking that if there was anything in life that I really wanted to do during which someone might announce my age, I should do it quickly. You know… like if I wanted to be on a game show, or maybe try out for a reality TV series, or if someone suddenly wanted to interview me on a talk show. That kind of thing. I would want them to announce me as a mom in her 30s.

But then my husband, who turned 40 in January — and is now extremely wise in his years — made a very good point, which changed my perspective completely.

He pointed out that it’s better to be the youngest person in your category. For example, if I wanted to run a marathon or maybe participate in an Iron Woman competition. You know. Stuff like that. It would be better to be a young 40 going up against the 49-year-olds.

Plus I would rather have people say, “Wow! You look so good to be in your 40s!” Rather than, “You’re in your 30s. Hmmm… I wouldn’t have guessed.”

I’m starting to really look forward to this new decade in my life. I think every decade so far has been better than the one before it. I’m looking forward to trying some new things… and of course some new shoes to go with it.

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