I like to focus my LOST posts on taking the episode and trying to develop any theories based on the latest information. So, even though last night’s episode was kind of a break from the usual whirlwind of activity we have seen this season, I think it provided some great clues into the overall LOST story.

The most significant piece of information we gained was that Ben Linus did, in fact, meet the O6ers when he was a boy. Could this explain “the list” that was a central point in the early episodes?

Let’s say that the Losties cause something significant to happen and then leave the island. Ben Linus follows their parallel lives back home and then works to bring them back to the island.

We might even have two competing forces at work. We know that Matthew, Charles Widmore’s hit man, is the one who said he got John Locke to get on the Oceanic flight.

Perhaps Ben Linus had another set of people working for him to get Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid on board the original flight. Ben had to bring them all back for some reason. Just as they all had to come back the second time for some unknown reason.

The next big question is why Sun was not transported back in time like the other people on the flight. I will go back to my previous theory that Sun is the baby we saw in the crib of Dr. Pierre Chang. Even though Sun wasn’t born yet in 1977 where the other Losties are taken, perhaps she still couldn’t go back to that place because she might bump into herself in a few years. This theory needs a ton of development, but I can’t come up with any other answers.

Oh, but wait! I just came up with one!

LOST uses so many Biblical and religious references. When the O6ers are time-warped from the plane, it reminded me of the end-time prophecy in the Bible where the true believers will be suddenly removed from the earth and taken to heaven.

So, could it be that Sun wasn’t a true believer? Perhaps she came back for the wrong reason? Maybe she wasn’t destined to be on Ben’s later list and so she wasn’t taken??

Whatever the case, it’s going to be very interesting to find out how she gets back in time to meet up with Jin and the other O6ers.

Finally, we have the question of Christian Shephard.

Is he alive, like John Locke? Is he a spirit? Why is he there when everyone else is gone? And how creepy when he showed Sun the picture of the Dharma recruits from 1977! Good thing, Jack, Kate and Hurley never stumbled upon that picture!

What an eery scene when Sun and Frank walked into the Dharma camp and started hearing the voices. I thought this was another confirmation of the early theories that the voices are the people who are occupying that same space in different times.

Another big question that was created last night is what happened to Daniel Faraday. When asked about his whereabouts, Sawyer seemed very mysterious when he told Jack that he had been with them but was now gone. Where did he go?? Could it be that he already figured out how to go back in time?

Other great moments from last night:

  • We found out that Amy’s son was Ethan! Wow! What a creepy moment that was!
  • I loved it when Sun whacked Ben with that oar. Man. She is really getting fierce, huh?
  • We got to see exactly how the flight was able to land. That was cool.
  • I supposed I should at least mention the reunion between Sawyer and Kate and the tension between Juliet and Kate. Whatever. That whole love quadrangle isn’t that intriguing to me. I would rather see someone get chased by the Smoke Monster, discover a new Dharma station or beat up Ben.

Best lines:

  • When Hurley said, “I vote for not camping.”
  • When Jack was inducted as a “work man” and told “based on your aptitude tests, you’ll be doing janitorial work.”

So, what did you think about last night’s episode?? Any interesting theories or favorite moments??

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