There’s a possum in the garage
And he’s making lots of noise
There’s a possum in the garage
And he’s chomping on our toys

He has sharp, scary teeth
And a long, pointy nose
He has a striped furry tail
We don’t know where he goes

He sleeps way up high
On the shelf by the tent
We never saw a possum
When a-campin’ we all went

We don’t see him in the day
He walks around at night
He pees on the mower
And he poops on the bikes

He eats all our scraps
He rips open the garbage
Oh, please, Mr. Possum
Won’t you get out of our garage?

Just walk into the trap
And close the little door
We’ll take you to the forest
You don’t have to live indoors

There’s a possum in the garage
He’s making me lose sleep
But now that he’s in the cage
He looks kind of sweet

(What can I say? The possum has made me so crazy that I’m writing poetry about him!)

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