I’m sure you’ve all seen that survey that’s been going around called “25 Random Things About Me”. I’ve tried to do it several times, but it always turns into: “25 Chronological Facts About Me”, which really isn’t very funny or interesting.

Maybe my brain just can’t handle such random thoughts. So, I decided to post 25 or so Things I Love. Of course, I use the term “love” loosely! How could my love for artichoke dip possibly compare to my love for my children? But you know what I mean.

These are in no particular order, since I’m going to do my best to keep it random.

1. I love unusual foods that start with the letter A: artichokes, avocados and asparagus.

2. I love Mexican food and could eat it everyday. I especially love guacamole (see #1).

3. I love summer. I would go so far as to say I’m addicted to summer. I try to do and see as much as possible in summer to the point that I sometimes make myself crazy with my expectations.

4. I love traveling. I was thinking about some of my favorite places I have been blessed to visit: Moab, Utah (Arches National Park); Olympic National Park in Washington (the only rainforest in the continental U.S.); Rio deJaneiro; Zambia, Africa; Sequoia National Park in California; the Smokies and the Rockies; and the North rim of the Grand Canyon (part of our mountain biking adventure). Those are some of my favorites, but I can get excited about a trip to almost anywhere!

5. I love it when the flowers start to bloom in spring.

6. I love my Mac. I love my MacBook and I love my iTouch. I’ve been a Mac user since the first Mac was invented and I’ve never owned anything else. I get very excited about getting a new computer.

7. I love trying new recipes.

8. I love dancing.

9. I love singing really loud to really loud music.

10. I love 80s music more now than I did in the 80s.

11. I love it when my kids all bust a move and we dance together, sometimes for a whole CD.

12. I love putting on a complete lip syncing act to three songs (especially if my children or other adults will join in as back-up singers): Make it Happen (Mariah Carey), All-Star (Smash Mouth), Lose My Soul (Toby Mac). I wish there was a place in society for a crazy, almost 40 mom who loves to lip sync. I can play a mean egg shaker, too.

13. I love getting together with my extended family.

14. I love to achieve goals.

15. I love to help other people achieve their goals.

16. I love to encourage other people. It makes me feel really good. (I love the book, “Encouragement Changes Everything” by John Maxwell.)

17. I love listening to books on CD while I fold the laundry. I don’t love to fold laundry (or any other housework, for that matter), but I LOVE it when the laundry is all folded!

18. I love the TV show LOST. (You hadn’t noticed?!?!)

19. I love getting together with friends.

20. I love organizing things…. events and activities, not sock drawers or closets!

21. I love singing “I Love You So Much” to my three kiddos before they go to sleep. I really love it when they sing along. And I really, really love it when they beg me to sing it.

22. I love my three children so much it hurts.

23. I love my wonderful husband. I seriously don’t know how he puts up with me.

24. I love my church because the people there are so warm.

25. I love the fact that God loves me despite all of my flaws. I love having the hope that no matter what happens to everything else I love, his love remains.

I would love to hear about your loves! You can comment here. If you want to write a post about things you love, include your link in the comments section and then link back to mine!

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