I’m a big grump today. I really have no right to be.

You see, this week seemed to go about as well as it could have. I was productive, worked hard, had some great times with my kids and even stayed on top of my Bible study, exercised and almost finished reading my book for book club!

But today I woke up to a world covered in blowing, cold snow. It’s not the kind of snow that makes you want to grab your sled or make a snowman. This is frigid, swirling snow that makes you want to run for cover before it stings your face. I just want to hide under a blanket and go back to sleep.

Plus I have a really bad headache that won’t go away. A woman in my small group last night predicted that with the snowstorm on its way, the barometric pressure would shift and she would wake up with a headache. “Naaaaa,” I thought. Oh, but she was so correct.

My house is also a piggy, pig-sty, piggy pig mess. I don’t even know where to begin, but a messy house makes me feel grumpy.

So, I decided to see what was up in BloggyLand. That’s when I found out I have had a record-setting ZERO visitors today. What’s everyone else doing? Either you are all out having fun or I am about to be nominated for the Worst Blog in the World award. =]

That’s when I decided to make some tortellini soup. I haven’t made it before, so I started looking for recipes on the Internet. I don’t exactly have any beef broth, or fresh tomatoes or zucchini. No fresh basil or garlic or spinach. But I refused to be deterred.

I started grabbing cans out of the cupboard and slamming them on the counter and announced to everyone that I would be making tortellini soup and no one needed to eat it but me. Ahhh… The freedom of being able to make a horrible recipe and not have to listen to the complaints of everyone else at the table.

So, I substituted fresh tomatoes for a can of stewed tomatoes.
Red kidney beans for mild chili beans.
Fresh basil and parsely for a scoop of Homemade Gourmet Basil Garlic Seasoning.
Zucchini for a can of corn.
Beef broth for some water and chicken bullion cubes.
I actually had some carrots.
And then I threw in some tortellini.

My husband named it Grumpy Pants Soup.

And let me tell you, it was bad! Do not try this at home. I think the chili beans are what really threw it over the top from just kind of nasty to grump-a-licious.

But for some reason, it made me feel better. Just eating some really hot soup that filled up my tummy. Maybe it was the torture of eating something that tasted so awful.

And now I plan to hide under the blanket for a while until the Tylenol sets in. Grumpy-night-night.

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