So, here we are. Right back where we started in the first scene of the first episode of the first season of LOST. Jack lying on the ground in the middle of the forest. The camera focusing on his eye.

They made it back.

Of course the big question of the night is: “How?”

Did the plane crash? Were they simply “taken” from the plane? Did the other passengers also end up on the island?

My guess is that once they were within the force of the island, it drew the previous island dwellers back in time and plopped them back on land. What about everyone else? Hmmm. With Frank Lipida as their pilot, he could have either steered them clear or landed them safely. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

At first, I couldn’t handle the idea that the O6ers were just drawn off the plane onto the island without a scratch because of that whole deal with the force of gravity. But then, I remembered the improbability that the original plane would break in two in midair and the passengers would still manage to float gently to land and end up without much injury. So, apparently, the island has a way of drawing people to it in tact.

So, they landed back in time during the Dharma initiative. I believe that when John Locke turned the donkey wheel the island was stabilized at this point in time. Jin and the all the rest were then forced to join ranks with the Dharma folks, get fitted for jumpsuits and find jobs on the island. I wonder what job they gave Sawyer?

Of course, this brings up the obvious answer that this is how Charlotte met Daniel when she was a young girl.

Now, at first I started wondering how they would avoid being killed in the purge. But I realized that it probably won’t be necessary to even worry about that.

I think that once the members of the original flight gather, they will try to find the donkey wheel and turn it forward in time to the point before the helicopter landed, before they let Daniel and his crew on the island and before Charlie died. They will then be allowed to change the course of history.


Well, this is where Desmond comes in. Ms. Hawking said the island wasn’t done with him yet. And despite his reluctance, he will be drawn back, as the only person who has the power to change the course of time and prevent the island from ever being found.

Why is Ms. Hawking so scared to go to the island herself? Well, she knows this won’t be an easy job. She knows she could get killed or have a massive nosebleed before she is able to accomplish the task. Or perhaps, she knows that Desmond is the only one who is capable of fulfilling this role. Or maybe she has a completely devious and horrible plan all together. She sure seemed sneaky, that’s for sure.

OK… So, back to John Locke. I believe that Locke is Jacob.

He has been told that he is the true leader of the Others, so it makes the most sense that he is Jacob. That is why Ben was so surprised the Locke could see Jacob, who was, in fact, himself. Now that Locke is dead, he will live on in spirit on the island as Jacob.

Ms. Hawking said Locke was a “proxy” for Christian Shepherd. Do you think Locke knew that was why he was killing himself? I don’t. I think in pure Locke style, someone told the poor guy he needed to kill himself to save the island and without fully understanding why, he just did it. His belief, his desire to fulfill his destiny in life outweighs even his own desire to be alive. Now, that’s some kind of belief!

We got some great answers in this episode, but many, many more questions, such as:

  • What the heck did Kate do with Aaron? I’m thinking she probably gave him to Claire’s mom back in the hotel room. We can only hope.
  • How could Sun just leave her baby girl behind?
  • Isn’t Jin going to go crazy mad when he finds out that not only did they bring Sun back against his wishes, but she just left their baby girl behind?
  • Did Ben make it to the island? I think he did. What fun would it be otherwise?
  • Who is Ms. Hawking? Was she part of the army? Remember how Jack was staring at that poster?
  • WHY, WHY, WHY was Ben so bloody bloody?!? Please tell me he did not get in a fight with Desmond in an effort to kill Penny. I really couldn’t handle it if Desmond had to go through any more sorrow regarding that woman, although perhaps that would draw him back to the island??
  • And the biggest question, how does the island decide who it needs and then drawn them to it?

I can’t wait for next week’s episode, which I heard on a LOST podcast will be the story of what happens to Locke. We’ll probably get another break from life on the island to find out more about John’s fate. And then, hopefully, everyone will be reunited island-side for some real fun.

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