The LOST two-hour season premiere just ended. I have only a few things to say:

Was that Sun with the doctor who makes the videos?

Who wants Kate’s blood?

Who puts knives in the dishwasher that way?

Why doesn’t Richard move through time?

Why does Locke have to die?

What is Daniel Faraday’s mother’s name?

Hurley promised to never help Sayid in the future, but then he did.

Anna Lucia comes back.

Libby says, “hi”.

Who is Jill?

“Keep him safe because if you don’t… everything we do won’t matter at all.”

Was that the pig that Locke killed in the past?

Who threw a fire dart at Neil?

Who are those guys?

“I’m a murderer. I killed four people. Three people… however many are dead, I killed them all.”

Freaky chalkboard lady. Swinging pendulum. Event window determined.

“70 hours.”

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