Now that I’ve recovered a bit from the whirlwind of information known as the LOST Season 5 Premiere, I wanted to expand upon my thoughts on the show.

It seems that the woman at the end of the show has been working on a scientific formula with her chalkboard and swinging pendulum to determine the exact moment in time and space when the Oceanic 6 can return to the island.

The “Event Window” has been determined to occur in 70 hours.

I would say it’s going to take, oh, about 70 hours in TV land time to make it through this season, so that works out perfectly. Their time is slightly different from real time, of course, because half of the cast is constantly moving back and forth through time.

Jack now has to gather up the Oceanic 6 and convince all of them to return to the Island. This is going to be tricky since Hurley is on his way to jail and Kate doesn’t want to go. Sayid and Sun seem to be a little easier to convince.

Kate will probably be swayed by her desire to reunite with Sawyer, although she will be haunted by the memory of Claire warning her to “NEVER” take Aaron back to the island.

My theory is that all of the survivors must all be in place on the island, just as they were in the past, to somehow stop the island from jumping through time. If one person is missing, or if an extra person is there — Penny, for example — it won’t work. This must be one of the “exceptions” to the rules of time travel that Daniel Faraday talked about.

Meanwhile, some of the people left on the island are suffering the harsh physical effects of jumping back and forth through time. We all know that the nose bleeds are just the first sign the person will go crazy and then spontaneously combust… or something like that.

So, is Locke really dead? I think he is. However, I think that when the survivors go back to the island and they are all in the exact spots where they were at a precise moment — the Event Window — that everything will return to the way it was at that moment. Even though Faraday said you can’t change the past, I believe the Event Window will allow them to bring Locke back to life.

The best line from the night came from Hurley:

“I’m a murderer. I killed four people. Three people… however many are dead, I killed them all.”

Biggest question:

Who was Neil again? I completely forgot about him. And who were those guys throwing the fire darts at him? Were they the Dharma people? Or the Others? Or someone else?

And was that Sun in the beginning of the show? And who was she with? Was that the Dharma guy who makes the videos? I need to go back and review that part. I was so full of anticipation that I couldn’t focus correctly.

And can Benjamin really return to the island? In Season Four, he said that once he turned the big wheel, he would never be able to return. Can he only return if he goes through the Event Window?

Oh… and how will Locke orchestrate his own death?

If you have any theories, please let me know. If you don’t even watch the show, but you were so kind to read this whole thing, then thank you! You are a true friend.

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