Imagine right now some photos of three really cute kids standing in front of a huge play structure in a waterpark. Think of them sitting in a hot tub filled with steam. Don’t they look cute and happy and warm?

See my daughter squealing with delight as she races down the waterslide? How about that huge climate-controlled waterdome with the tidal wave pool?

That’s what I would be posting right now if I hadn’t lost my camera during the last 30 minutes of our get-away to celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday. I think I might have thrown the camera in the big bin full of damp used towels.

So, instead of sitting here with me getting ready to download all of our photos from the weekend, my pour Cannon is probably sloshing around in an industrial-sized washing machine with a bunch of white towels with a navy blue stripe.

“You dumb towels aren’t even photoworthy,” my sleek little pocket-sized camera is saying right now.

I did search through the bin, as well as three other bins of damp towels, but alas.

Perhaps one of the other five million people at the waterpark spotted it after I dropped it. Maybe someone rescued it. And really, that would make me feel better. I would rather believe it is safe in a loving home than drowning a cruel death in a washing machine.

That camera was cute and small and easy to use.

But honestly, I know we can replace it.

It’s the 400 photos on the memory card that really bug me. Most of them have been downloaded to my computer. All of those except the ones from the weekend.

See us smiling?

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