Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has purchased one of my everydayMOM or Brain Book planners!

I have been so excited by the great reaction I have been getting, so I decided to have a little contest. This is really to help ME make my planner better in the future.

Just post a comment here about my planner or send me an e-mail. It could be something you love about it or an idea to improve it. If you don’t have a planner, send me one of your own organization tips. Or just send me a note to say that you love chocolate, love the color brown or just love life. I’m good with any kind of note.

For every 10 entries that I receive, I will draw the name of one person who will receive a free planner! If you already have one, you can give the extra to a friend. The contest runs until this Friday, Nov. 7.

I will be posting some of my e-mail comments here, as well. If you post anonymously, please also send me an e-mail,, so I will have your contact info! I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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