We aren’t big Halloween people. My kids hate the scary decor. They don’t like to drive by homes with bloody dummies hanging from the trees. They beg me not to take them into Michael’s because they know there’s a headless bride in there. And they really haven’t even wanted to trick or treat because they are afraid of the older kids with their scary masks.

So, we have been kind of ignoring the season. It’s been a busy month, too, so I didn’t even carve my world famous Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato pumpkins this year. (These have also been easily modified in the past to resemble Bert and Ernie.)

But yesterday, I got inspired! I started reading about how to make cake balls on The Pioneer Woman’s web site. I had to make some immediately.

Hers are way cuter than mine. I was somewhat limited by my children begging me NOT to make them scary. And the fact that I couldn’t find any orange-colored melting chocolate and had to blend yellow and red to try to make something like orange.

But they were yummy!

Pioneer Woman gives complete instructions with photos on how to make the cake balls. And check out THESE! SO cute! I’m addicted. I’m going to be making cake balls for every holiday now.

Today we are going to make taffy apples, carve Bob and Larry and roast pumpkin seeds. Who cares that Halloween was yesterday. We’re livin’ it up!

What is your favorite fall treat to make at home? I want to hear about it!

Oh, and by the way… here are some pics of the kids. I had to take these with the Photo Booth software on my MacBook because my hubbie took the camera to China.

The weather was beautiful and the kids DID enjoy roaming the neighborhood for several hours despite some of the scary stuff.

My oldest son’s outfit was something he compiled after reading a book about a “Silver Swine” somethingerother.

I couldn’t believe she opted for the ladybug costume over her princess outfit! She hadn’t touched that ladybuy for more than a year!

And this is the spider web that was covering our entire front lawn. We analyzed it closely. It’s a real spider web!

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