Birth order expert Kevin Lehman says that the middle child will be the one that will keep your family cracking up throughout life. Is this true in every family or just ours?

In honor of the 6th birthday of our middle child, I thought I would pass along some of his wonderfully unique recipes, which keep me smilin’ on a regular basis.

Ham and Cheese Sandwich, no ham, no cheese: Take two slices of bread, spread mayo on one slice of bread. Add ham and cheese. Remove ham and cheese, leaving only the bread and mayo. Mmmmm.

Sour cream on a bun: Boil hot dogs for six minutes until hot. Put bun on plate. Forget about hot dogs. Spread sour cream on bun. Delicious!

Taco, no meat: Brown one pound of ground beef. Add taco seasoning and water. Simmer for 15 minutes. Fill taco shell with sour cream and cheese. Leave taco meat in pan. Enjoy!

Cream without strawberries: Wash strawberries. Slice. Fill bowl with cool whip. Put strawberries back in refrigerator.

Honey sandwich: Take two slices of bread and spread with honey. Yum. Yum.

Ranch dressing pizza: Bake frozen pizza for 15 minutes. Pour Ranch dressing on plate. Dip pizza in the dressing.

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